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TiNspire and Finances/Business : Compute Taxes, Time Value

TiNspire users can easily solve Finance and Business related problems STEP BY STEP using the Finance Made Easy at  . The  extensive Time Value section of the menu shows Simple Interest, Future and Present Value, Compounded Interest, Annuities, NPV , IRR and MIRR (further down) Lets start off with a basic tax (i.e. VAT)… (read more)

▷Step by Step ACCOUNTING using the TiNspire CX calculator

Need Accounting problems solved or verified? And you have a TiNspire CX available? We have good news for you: the Accounting Made Easy app will solve Accounting problems step by step! Don’t believe it? Well check for yourself in the video below: And if you like to test the app first , please go to to download… (read more)