Exceptional level of customer support

In July 2016 I purchased three apps: Calculus Made Easy; Physics Made Easy
and Chemistry Made Easy.  These were installed on a ti89 calculator used by
my granddaughter who is a university freshman.  She has reported that the
apps have been very helpful and easy to use.  

I was very impressed by the level of support that Mike provided me.  His responses
were timely; his suggestions and guidance were clear and included step by
step procedures.  

This is an exceptional level of customer support and I
will continue to purchase "Made Easy" products as my granddaughter continues
her education.  
William S.K.

Step by Step Discrete & Finite Math app for the Ti-Nspire CAS CX


Overview and Examples at https://youtu.be/8jdUbPRnijs

The most comprehensive Discrete Math APP for calculators.

Step by Step……

  • Linear Programming
  • Marginal Analysis, Demand Analysis
  • Markoff Chains
  • Simplex Algorithm
  • Probabilities
  • Combinatorics
  • Functions
  • Vector and Matrices
  • Solve Equations
  • Logic with Set Theory, Truth Tables
  • Easy to use. Just plug in the equation and the correct answer shows.