TiNspire Integration via U-Substitution Solver – Step by Step – using Calculus Made Easy

Here are great news: Now Calculus Made Easy for the TiNspire CX CAS  offers you two different ways to

perform Integration using U-Substitution.

The first way is the fully automated: Just plug in your given function as seen below and steps and answer are displayed.


The second way requires your input on the choice of u. You may wonder what is

point if the fully automated version can do this already?  It is called LEARNING:

U Substitutions are not unique: Different choices of U may lead to the same solution.

Check out below’s example:


Check out another choice of U, it leads to the same solution.

Our Made Easy APPS aim at empowering students and this feature allows you guys to
learn about U-Substitution in a way you likely will not in your classroom. So enjoy this feature.

As usual, updates are free forever.