VIDEO: Periodic Table of Elements using the TiNspire

Hi guys! If you need to view information of the elements in the periodic table AND

you own a TiNspire then I have GREAT news for you: Finding element information is as easy as pi!

You can either search by Element name, symbol or its atomic number. See below:

You can download this Chemistry App at

We even have a video on this for you here :



Statistics Made Easy for the TiNspire update: Inverse Binomial Distribution Solver

We included two new features :

  • Inverse Binomial Distribution Solver: Find number of successes given cumulative probability, success probability and #trials.
  • Inverse Binomial Distribution Solver: Find number of trials given cumulative probability, success probability and #successes.

This update requires OS 4.4 or higher which can be downloaded here


Factoring Using Algebra Made Easy with the TiNspire CAS CX

Factoring expressions, functions and integers can be done easily using Algebra Made Easy on your handy TiNspire CAS CX . The bottom image shows that you enter can any expression which will be factored , you could even enter an integer such as 500 to get 4*5^3 .

Additionally , using the option 1: Algebra then option 8: Find GCD and LCM (Greatest Common Divisor and Least Common Multiple) it finds exactly that – Step by Step . For example, using integers 60 and 75 , we factor those two integers first to then use their COMMON factors for GCD and LCM .

As a side product you learn that GCD*LCM=Integer1*Integer2

Remember that you dont have to press ENTER , just observe how the answers change immediately as the input changes.

Linear Algebra App at for the TiNspire CX CAS – Step by Step – was updated

All updates below were user requested, Thank you for such great suggestions:

-Independence of 2×2 Matrices.

– Find Plane Equation that passes through 3 given Vectors

-Find if given Line in Vector form crosses Plane

-Find Area of Parallelogram using vectors

-Find Volume of Parellelepided using vectors

-Find Basis of Eigenspace given Eigenvalue Lambda

-Check if a Vector is a Linear Combination of a set of Vectors

-Step by Step Row Echelon improved

-Find the Change of Coordinates Matrix

All this and much more at :

Major Calculus Made Easy Update – for TiNspire CAS CX

Calculus Made Easy has just become even more powerful , read the specific upgrades below :

Differential Calculus :
-Find Tangent Lines parallel to given line and  Normal Lines
-Apply Rolle’s Theorem
-Apply the Intermediate Value Theorem

Integral Calculus:
-Compute Gini Coefficient (in Business Calculus Made Easy for the TiNspire CAS CX)
-Differential Equations upgrade that includes Logistic Growth
-Simpson Rule
-Integration by Partial Fraction Decomposition
-Integration by Trig Substitution
-Improper Integals

Sequences & Series:
-Power Series: Find Radius and Interval of Convergence using the Ratio Test

Multivariable Calculus:
-Perform Multiple Integrals in any possible order (2D and 3D)
-Lagrange Multiplier Method
-Chain Rule
-Hessian Matrix
-Tangent Plane
-Line Equation passing through  2 given vectors
-Plane Equation passing through  3 given vectors
-Compute Cross Products and Dot Products
-UnitVectors & Magnitude of Vectors

These updates make your TiNspire CAS CX even more powerful !
It is fun to have all the solutions readily available – Step by Step.
Remember that upgrades are free forever !