NEW: Newton Method, Cholesky Decomposition, Jacobi Method, Simpson Rule and more using the TiNSpire CX

The Numerics Made Easy app at was updated to also solve the following concepts:

Secant Method to find zeros of a function
Jacobi Method to solve A*X=B
Cholesky Decomposition
Newton Method for Interpolation
Orthogonal Polynomials: Legendre , Hermite, Chebyshev and Leguerre
3-8 Simpson Rule
Newton Cotes

▷Orthogonal Projection of v onto u1,u2 using the TiNSpire – Linear Algebra Made Easy

Say you need to find the orthogonal projection of v onto W the subspace of R^3  .

You pull out your TiNspire and launch the Linear Algebra Made Easy app from and enter as follows:


Now, just lean back and view the steps

until the final answer shows. Sweet!


▷Gauss Jordan Elimination / Row Echelon – Step by Step – using the TiNSpire CX

Gauss Jordan Elimination is a pretty important topic in Linear Algebra.

So, it would be great to see steps when performing the procedure, also called Reverse Row Echelon method. It seems there is a continental divide in its proper naming.

Once you can pull out your handy TiNspire and launch the Linear Algebra Made Easy app from just enter your matrix as shown below:

Notice that first the forward Gauss Elimination Method is performed, aka Row Echelon Method.

Lastly, the Reverse Row Echelon Method gives the final solution, which appears in the most right column. Voila.

Compute Determinant for 2×2, 3×3, 4×4, 5×5 Matrix via Cofactors – Step by Step – using TiNspire’s Linear Algebra Made Easy

There is a number of ways to compute determinants of square matrices depending on their dimensions.

Determinants of 2×2 and 3×3 matrices can simply be computed using their set formulas as seen below:



Determinants of 4×4 and higher matrices actually take advantage of determinants found for smaller square matrices using Cofactors as illustated below. As usual, nicely laid out with every step along the way until the final answer shows.

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