Solve 2×2 System of Equation – Step by Step – using TiNSpire CX

When solving

x-5y =6

with the TiNspire CX CAS  you can either use the Substitution or the Elimination Method.

Let us demonstrate how to use the Substitution Method using the STEP BY STEP EQUATION SOLVER first:

Now, to use the Elimination Method select option 1,8 :

Below watch the Steps  to solve the system of equations using the Elimination Method:

It always works! Always get correct solutions. And you get to select YOUR method of choice.



Equation App for the TiNspire CX

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▷Step by Step ACCOUNTING using the TiNspire CX calculator

Need Accounting problems solved or verified? And you have a TiNspire CX available?

We have good news for you: the Accounting Made Easy app will solve Accounting problems step by step!

Don’t believe it? Well check for yourself in the video below:

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▷Solve Equation with Radicals ( Roots )- Step by Step – using the TiNSpire CX CAS

Using the 1. menu option in the Step by Step Equation Solver app at :



Just enter the radical using the root() command.

To enter the 5th root of 2x-1 , type in root(2x-1,5) as shown below:


All steps are automatically shown until the

final answer is derived.

DeMoivre Theorem using the TiNspire CX – PreCalculus Made Easy

Need to solve DeMoivre Theorem using the TiNspire CX Step by Step ?

Just enter a complex number in the format (a+bi)^n and lean back to observe the magic :

PreCalculus Made Easy is the app to have when doing DeMoivre Formula – download it here 

PS: Roots of Unity can be computed too using this app


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