▷Shear Stress and Moment using the TiNSpire CX : Statics Made Easy

Shear Stress and Moments can easily be computed using the TiNSpire CX : Just open up Statics Made Easy (Download at www.tinspireapps.com )  , press MENU and go to Statics : Transverse Shear Stress

There, read the definitions of all variables.


Next, enter all but 1 box and the accurate answer is displayed.


Besides Shear Stress , other important Static quantities can be computed such as forces, moments, equilibrium, vectors, friction, centroids, moments of inertial, radius of gyration, projectile motion (dynamics)   and much more.

Dont forget : you can always download the trial version at https://www.tinspireapps.com/trials/


Linear Algebra Made Easy is incredible & enjoyable

User feedback today:

The step by step matrix operations, such as Row Echelon, Gauss Elimination etc are incredible

It is very easy to use;

I like the layout and on the Ti-spire since the processor is faster than the 89 it just makes it more enjoyable to use.

My linear algebra professor does allow us to use a CAS calculator and with the Ti-nspire cx CAS with your linear algebra app… Lets just say my fellow students and professor will be amazed with my knowledge and wisdom… and of course the speed at which I solve matrix operations and systems.