Convert Bits Bytes Kilobytes Megabytes etc using the TiNspire CX

Converting Bits, Bytes Kilobytes, Megabytes etc can now be done step by step using the TiNspire CX and “Step by Step Unit Converter” at

Some features are:

  1. Convert between Bits, Bytes , KB, MB, GB, TB, Peta Byte, Exabyte and Zettabyte.  (How long will it take take till your computer’s hard drive will be 1 ZB ? )
  2. Select between 1000 bit and 1024 bit conversion
  3. Step by Step 😉

Video: Convert any Units – Step by Step – using the TINspire calculator

How about this:

Your handy Ti-Nspire can now – step by step – convert any units such as time, mass, length, area, volume, speed, temperature, impulse, momentum, pressure, work, energy, density, pH-Level, Mass, Moles, degree/radian, DMS, Convert to any base, Polar coordinates etc

On top of that you can do prime checking, compute tips, gas consumption, currencies, etc and much more!!

Here is a brief video showing you how to convert units with ease: