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TiNspire Integration via U-Substitution Solver – Step by Step – using Calculus Made Easy

Here are great news: Now Calculus Made Easy for the TiNspire CX CAS  offers you two different ways to perform Integration using U-Substitution. The first way is the fully automated: Just plug in your given function as seen below and steps and answer are displayed.   The second way requires your input on the choice… (read more)

Customer lost test anxiety using Made Easy APPS : Laplace, Fourier Transforms with Steps have made my life much easier because I can check my errors and I no longer have test anxiety!

Customer Testimonial : Basically, I always struggled with calculus so those steps are essential… Laplace, Fourier Transforms with Steps have made my life much easier because I can check my errors and I no longer have test anxiety… The book is sometimes too complicated to understand with all the formulas and variables… I took linear… (read more)

Step by Step Engineering Mathematics using the Ti-NSpire CAS CX calculator program

Attention Engineers with a TI-Nspire CAS CX : Engineering Mathematics has become much easier : this Steo by Step Ti-nspire app covers Math Topics for Engineers (i.e. FE Exam) such as Algebra, Complex Numbers, Conics, Trigonometry, Exponential and Logarithmic Functions, Calculus, Differential Equations with LaPlace Transforms, Statistics, Probability, Combinations & Permutations, Matrices and Vectors. Read… (read more)

Schrittweise Analysis mit dem TiNspire CX CAS

Mit der neuen Analysis Leicht Gemacht App bei kann man nun Schritt fuer Schritt: -Kurvendiskussion -Stammfunktionen und Integrale -Ableitungen -Extremwerte -DifferentialGleichungen loesen -Grenzwerte finden -Lhopital Regel -Laplace Transformation -Mehrfach Integrale -Partielle Ableitungen -Anwendungen -Nullstellen (Newton) -Reihen Konvergenz, Taylor Reihen, Folgen -Potenzreihen -Implizite Differentiation -Vektoren und vieles mehr! Alles kann man spielerisch lernen und die… (read more)

Step by Step Vector Calculus app now available for the TI-Nspire CX CAS …

TI-Nspire users can now do STEP BY STEP: Vectors: Dot Product, Cross Product, Projection, Distance, .. Vector Derivatives: Curl, Divergence, Laplacian, Curvature, .. Line Integrals, Greens Theorem, Surface Integrals, Stokes Theorem Analytic Geometry: Points, Lines, Planes Multivariable Calculus: Tangent planes, Gradients, Lagrange Method, Laplace Transform,.. Linear Algebra: Row Echolon, Eigenvalues/vectors , Gram Schmidt Procedure, ….. (read more)

Major Calculus Made Easy Update – for TiNspire CAS CX

Calculus Made Easy has just become even more powerful , read the specific upgrades below : Differential Calculus : -Find Tangent Lines parallel to given line and  Normal Lines -Apply Rolle’s Theorem -Apply the Intermediate Value Theorem -Differentials Integral Calculus: -Compute Gini Coefficient (in Business Calculus Made Easy for the TiNspire CAS CX) -Differential Equations… (read more)