TiNspire and Finances/Business : Compute Taxes, Time Value

TiNspire users can easily solve Finance and Business related problems STEP BY STEP using the Finance Made Easy at

https://www.tinspireapps.com/?a=FME  .

The  extensive Time Value section of the menu shows Simple Interest, Future and Present Value, Compounded Interest, Annuities, NPV , IRR and MIRR (further down)

Lets start off with a basic tax (i.e. VAT) problem where we have to add 30% to $1000 to get $1300 .

Vice versa ,  we can also subtract interest from a given amount (i.e. pay check)  by entering a negative % , see below:

“The Finance app is really super … the app reduces the possible errors to a minimum.”

I purchased the finance made easy app for my exam in September 2018.

The app is really super and helped me a lot.

It makes it easy to calculate and the app reduces the possible errors to a minimum.

After a while I realized, that I can’t use the app during my exam because of the readings.

Readings where not allowed due to exam policies.

So I wrote Mike and asked for help.

After a short e-mail conversation he hooked me up with an app without readings/notes.

Superb service!

I will definitely recommend you to my colleagues.

All the best and again many thanks for your support.