College Algebra for the TiNspire CX

No matter where you are, which school you’re attending, algebra class is a requirement. But! With our new algebra app for the TiNspire CX, it will by far your easiest class yet! Not only does this app cover all the material you will learn in class, we provide you with step by step solutions that will significantly boost your understanding of the subject. Don’t believe it? Try our free trial version at You can check out our college algebra video below for more! Trust our customers—this is the way to go!

Math App for the TiNspire CX

It’s here! Our algebra app covers both algebra 1 and algebra 2. You will be acing those tests in no time! Want to check it out? Watch our sneak peek video below, which covers all the jaw-dropping aspects of this extraordinary app. Go to to try our free trial. Remember, with this app, you’ll understand everything from matrices and polynomials to solving triangles by using the law of sine and the law of cosine. There’s no better way to learn!


Equation App for the TiNspire CX

Taking Precalculus, Algebra 1 or Algebra 2 and need help with equations? Try our equation app! With no other app will you learn step by step how to solve and simplify equations in any math class you participate in! Take a look at our equation app video below and try our free trial of this equation app at


Exceptional level of customer support

In July 2016 I purchased three apps: Calculus Made Easy; Physics Made Easy
and Chemistry Made Easy.  These were installed on a ti89 calculator used by
my granddaughter who is a university freshman.  She has reported that the
apps have been very helpful and easy to use.  

I was very impressed by the level of support that Mike provided me.  His responses
were timely; his suggestions and guidance were clear and included step by
step procedures.  

This is an exceptional level of customer support and I
will continue to purchase "Made Easy" products as my granddaughter continues
her education.  
William S.K.

Step by Step Algebra app for the Ti-Nspire – Watch this Video at

Step by Step Algebra App for the Ti-NSpire at It covers the ENTIRE Algebra curriculum: Algebra, Functions and their Analysis, Trig, Geometry, Complex Numbers, Matrices, Exponential/Logarithmic Functions, Probabilities, Combinatorics, Sequences, Induction, Sigma Notation, etc

  • Step by Step – Complete the Square
  • Step by Step – Partial Fractions
  • Step by Step – Complex Numbers
  • Step by Step – Powers
  • Step by Step – Roots
  • Step by Step – Synthetic Division
  • Step by Step – Radicals
  • Logarithm and Exponential Solver
  • Rewrite Logarithms into their Exponential Form and back: log_b(y)=x <–> y=b^x
  • Expand and Condense Logarithms Step by Step
  • Rule of 72, Change of Logarithm base
  • Effective Interest rates
  • Euler Number as Limit Definition.
  • Money Growth Solver