Bernoulli Equation using the TiNSpire CX calculator

Solving the Bernoulli Equation is pretty once you run the Physics Made Easy app using the TiNspire CX.

Go to Menu Option 6,L : Bernoulli Equation

In the next you will see the Bernoulli Equation and the boxes for the variables involved.

Just fill in all but one box , the variable you are solving for.

In this example, we solved for Pressure p1. The final answer shows at the very bottom including the solved equation.

“They work the problems out step by step and solve Physics problems fast.”

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They work the problems out step by step and solve Physics problems fast.
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I will tell others about it.
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▷Solved: Diver enters water at given speed – Physics Problem using the Tinspire CX

Need to solve the Diver problem in Physics? Have a TINspire CX ?

Then run Physics Made Easy at

Select option : Diver enters Water


Now enter final velocity, the angle the diver makes with water and the height of the dive board.

We are going to find the magnitude of the initial velocity in a backwards way.

First , we find the x and y components of the final velocity using sin and cos.

Next we find vo_y using vf_y , g=9.81 and yo.

Lastly we find the magnitude of the initial velocity using vo_y and

the constant horizontal speed vf_x =vo_x

Voila, diver problem is solved.

Mirrors and Lenses Solver for the TiNspire CX – Physics Made Easy

Mirrors and Lenses Solver for the TiNspire CX – Physics Made Easy :

The Gaussian mirror equation ( the mirror and lens equation – look at ) can now be solved using the TiNspire’s CX Physics Made Easy  App.  As usual, it you will get step by step solutions.


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The Physics Made Easy app was an essential piece on my way to a 5 on the AP Physics 1 exam.

It allowed me to feel more confident doing a variety of problems, especially projectile and rotational motion.

While the app’s features of forces (e.g. friction), electricity, simple harmonic motion, etc. were extremely helpful, the problems I encountered throughout my physics courses were relatively basic in comparison.

The aforementioned problems became trivial with the help of this app.

The app also allowed me to cut off several minutes of pesky checking on long projectile and rotational motion problems.

It was very useful to get a step by step display of the problem if I got it wrong on an assignment or a practice test, for example.

(Physics App User Z.S.)

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Physics App for the TiNspire CX CAS at has been updated : Momentun, Collisions, Energy, Rotation, Conversions

We don’t stop upgrading our Physics App, here are the latest updates:

-Conservation of Energy and Momentum

-Elastic and Non-elastic Collisions

-The big 5 Rotational formulas , equivalents to the big 5 kinematic equations

-Conversion: rev/min <-> rad/sec

Physics Solver for the TINspire CX CAS available for download


GREAT NEWS: The long awaited Physics Solver for the TI-Nspire is now available at

Watch a 10 min video on its massive capabilities :

Download a trial version at

This is THE physics app to have: 3-4 semesters of Physics in this comprehensive Physics App for the TiNspire CAS CX calculator.

Solve problems in Mechanics, Forces, Motion, Kinematics, Light, Sound, Optics, Fluids, Energy, Magnetism, Electricity, Induction, Gas Laws, Heat, Potential, Work, Planets, Gravitation, Orbits, etc

Also included is the ENTIRE periodic system, specific heats, constants, and much more.




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I am glad that you remembered me. I apologize for the length of my letter. The last time I had contacted your company was spring 2014 when I was taking the calculus classes.

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Per your suggestion, I am going to purchase the Physics app after I send you this email. I got the TI nspire CX CAS a few months ago because of its larger storage capacity for installing many business apps that I anticipate needing to install in the near future. It also has a much brighter and colorful display screen which helps in visualizing a complex problem in picture form, especially in physics. If I can I may send you a few physics problems.