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Step by Step TiNspire Apps – Blog

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Ti nspire cx cas Rechenweg bzw. Lösungsweg zeigen

Ein Taschenrechner kann den Lösungsweg anzeigen!!!   Die Zukunft hat begonnen! Der Ti nspire cas kann Rechenweg zeigen! In der Vergangenheit konnte man simple Arithmetik mittels Taschenrechnern durchfuehren. Musste man etwa 20*66 oder 15672-509 berechnen konnte man sich auf einfache Taschenrechner Modelle verlassen. Diese Zeiten sind vorbei. Heutzutage sind Taschenrechner Miniatur Computer mit denen man nicht… (read more)

▷Step by Step ACCOUNTING using the TiNspire CX calculator

Need Accounting problems solved or verified? And you have a TiNspire CX available? We have good news for you: the Accounting Made Easy app will solve Accounting problems step by step! Don’t believe it? Well check for yourself in the video below: And if you like to test the app first , please go to to download… (read more)

▷Find Shifts, Stretches, Period and Phase Shift of Sine or Cosine Function using the TiNSpire CX

Need to analyze a trig function involving sine or cosine? That really means finding the vertical shift D, the vertical stretch aka Amplitude A, the horizontal stretch and the horizontal shift. As a side effect you will then be able to figure out the periodicity of that trig function. Once you have your handy TiNspire… (read more)

▷Differential Equation Solver for the TiNspire CAS – Step by Step

The Differential Equation Solver using the TiNspire provides Step by Step solutions. Launch the Differential Equations Made Easy app at . Here are 2 examples: 1. Solve a 2. order non-homogeneous Differential Equation using the Variation of Parameter method. Just enter the DEQ and optionally the initial conditions as shown below. First, the solution to the… (read more)

▷Solved: Diver enters water at given speed – Physics Problem using the Tinspire CX

Need to solve the Diver problem in Physics? Have a TINspire CX ? Then run Physics Made Easy at Select option : Diver enters Water   Now enter final velocity, the angle the diver makes with water and the height of the dive board. We are going to find the magnitude of the initial velocity in… (read more)

▷Mathematical Economics using the TiNSpire CX

You can now use the Mathematical Economics Made Easy app at   to get step by step solutions to topics such as : Terms and Definitions of Economics Definition of Economics The 3 Questions Ration Assumption Ceteris Paribus Factors of Production Opportunity Cost Productivity Production Possibilities Curve Demand Supply Demand & Supply Consumer & Production Surplus… (read more)

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