VIDEO: Periodic Table of Elements using the TiNspire

Hi guys! If you need to view information of the elements in the periodic table AND

you own a TiNspire then I have GREAT news for you: Finding element information is as easy as pi!

You can either search by Element name, symbol or its atomic number. See below:

You can download this Chemistry App at

We even have a video on this for you here :



The Periodic System of Elements (PSE) on the TI-Nspire CX using Chemistry Made Easy

Below, we will show you how to access
a) PSE
b) Quantum numbers and
c) Polyatomic Ions
using the TiNspire’s Chemistry Made Easy app.

To access the latest Periodic System of Elements from the MAIN menu you have 2 options:

  1. You can find your element by entering its symbol.
    Below you see how we searched for Helium, we entered “He”
    Alternatively we could have entered the Atomic Number 2.
    All Element Information are displayed and you can easily scroll up and down.
    We recently added each elements’ Quantum Numbers.


2) Alternatively you can search by element name.
Below we searched for Iron, so we just typed in.
This is great for elements whose symbol may have slipped your mind, Fe it is here.



3) Polyatomic Ions can be looked up as well, they are sorted by charge for easy navigation.


These and many other features are available in
Chemistry Made Easy for the TiNspire CX at .