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Solve 2×2 System of Equation – Step by Step – using TiNSpire CX

When solving x-5y =6 3x+2y=1 with the TiNspire CX CAS  you can either use the Substitution or the Elimination Method. Let us demonstrate how to use the Substitution Method using the STEP BY STEP EQUATION SOLVER first: Now, to use the Elimination Method select option 1,8 : Below watch the Steps  to solve the system… (read more)

Portfolio, Stocks, Returns, Risk, Beta, CAPM, Finance using the TINSPIRE CX

To solve Portfolio, Stocks, Returns, Risk, Beta, CAPM and other finance-related problems using your TINSPIRE CX download the comprehensive PORTFOLIO & STOCKS app at . You will get Step by Step and always correct Solutions on your handy TiNspire  , watch the video below for more details.   A good start is to test the … (read more)

Lower & Upper Inner (Outer) Fence , IQR , 5 Number Summary (Tinspire CX)

If your Stats teacher is asking you to compute things such as: Lower & Upper Inner (Outer) Fence IQR 5 Number Summary and you have a Tinspire CX CAS then head over to Statistics Made Easy which actually makes Statistics a lot easier: Finding Mean, Median, Mode, Standard Deviation, Variance, Fences, IQR, Statistical Tests, Distributions,… (read more)

Correlation Coefficient and Coefficient of Determination using the TiNSpire – Step by Step

Using Statistics Made Easy at and menu item Linear Regression you just type in the given x and y values. Next the linear regression is computed for you along with the  Correlation Coefficient and the Coefficient of Determination. That simple.  

Smartsoft – : “extremely professional, understanding and patient.”

The company Smartsoft helped me very nicely over the phone and I was able to download the software. They were actually very helpful. Mike from Smartsoft was extremely professional, understanding and patient. I will be using them more often. Thank you for the immediate response as well. USER TESTIMONIAL : T.D.