“Tinspire applications and their customer service are great”

The Tinspire applications and their customer service are great.

The demo videos are very good.  I had been an EE for a large cellular design and manufacturing company for the past 25 years.  Now that I am interviewing for other jobs, it becomes apparent that these jobs depend and require a fluency in the fundamentals.   I am just now starting this Laplace curriculum.

It is great to have these TINSPIREAPPS tools available for my current predicament and feel they should significantly contribute to my skill set and confidence as I pursue new opportunities.

“The Finance app is really super … the app reduces the possible errors to a minimum.”

I purchased the finance made easy app for my exam in September 2018.

The app is really super and helped me a lot.

It makes it easy to calculate and the app reduces the possible errors to a minimum.

After a while I realized, that I can’t use the app during my exam because of the readings.

Readings where not allowed due to exam policies.

So I wrote Mike and asked for help.

After a short e-mail conversation he hooked me up with an app without readings/notes.

Superb service!

I will definitely recommend you to my colleagues.

All the best and again many thanks for your support.

Smartsoft – Tinspireapps.com : “extremely professional, understanding and patient.”

The company Smartsoft helped me very nicely over the phone and I was able to download the software. 

They were actually very helpful.  

Mike from Smartsoft was extremely professional, understanding and patient.  

I will be using them more often.

Thank you for the immediate response as well.


“They work the problems out step by step and solve Physics problems fast.”

I don’t know who all did these apps, but they are good!!!
I like how easy they are to download and they cover a lot of math material!
They might cover all of the math I believe
They work the problems out step by step and solve Physics problems fast.
I am not sure how you can make them better when they are the best I have come across.
I couldn’t find any like this and when I did, there not clear with step by step like these.
I will tell others about it.
Thank you all for helping students.

▷TiNspire Made Easy Apps are helpful for any engineering courses

The Made Easy Apps have helped me while I was taking electrical engineering courses up until May 2010.

They are also helpful if one is taking graduate engineering courses.

It does not matter what field of engineering one is in.

They are very helpful all around.

I was using apps on the TI 89 Titanium and now am using the TiNSpire – they worked great.

▷The customer service you receive with these programs is absolutely mind blowing.

I will admit math is not my strong point especially after not taking a math class 5 years.

The only reason i’m succeeding is with this customer service you receive with these programs that is absolutely mind blowing.

I will contact them with a problem I have and they go above and beyond helping me figure out what I’m doing wrong.

I’ve recommended these programs to every friend of mine telling me they’re struggling with a math class


SAT Practics using the TI-Nspire : I got a 770 and I feel the SAT app helped me boost that score

The app greatly helped my general algebra in terms of quickly assisting me solve graphs, find slope, midpoint, etc.

It also helps in geometry where I can quickly refer to a formula and input numbers rather than flip to the back page of the test and try to find the right formula.

Lastly, the app is absolutely amazing at graphical analysis which works very well in tandem with the standard graphing function of the TI-Nspire.

This is in particular was invaluable for the SAT 2 Math.

I got a 770 on it by the way, and I feel the app helped me boost that score from where it was originally.


Download: www.TiNspireApps.com

TiNspire users love Calculus Made Easy …. The MADE EASY line of products saved my grade

“I don’t think I could have passed my Calculus classes without the Made Easy line of apps”
“I took an advanced math class on line and didn’t learn much from the professor, but these apps really helped me understand each step”
“The made easy line of products saved my grade”
“This company has one of the best customer service teams…ever”