Solving Fractions and Quadratics using the TiNSpire – Step by Step

Say your teacher has some fancy fractions to solve for you and you have a volleyball game , play practice and to prepare for the SAT next Saturday. So you take out your TiNspire CX CAS, launch the STEP BY STEP EQUATION SOLVER app from and get a quick lesson on how to solve those fractions…which turns out not too difficult after following the provided steps below:

We select option 5 :

  1. problem:

to get 5/14 . The trick is to multiply the given fractions by the product of their denominators (bottoms) to get a much easier equation to solve.

Here is another one:


It always works!

Quadratic equations can also be solved step by step. Here is one:


Even equations containing only variables can be solved (for x):

Logarithms – Step by Step – using the TiNspire CX CAS

Using the Step by Step Equation Solver at we can solve – step by step – equations involving Logarithms such as


just type it in the top box and view the step by step solution in the bottom box:

Another example using natural logarithm instead of base 10 :

Say we are asked to expand logarithms, we will then use the Algebra Made Easy app at , go to menu option EXPAND, enter our condensed log expression in the top box to view the expanded version as shown below :


Lastly , we are given an expanded logarithmic expression and we are asked to condense. Well, you know what to do: use the Algebra Made Easy app at , go to menu option CONDENSE , enter our expanded log expression in the top box to view the condensed version as shown below :

Logarithms using the TiNspire CX

Say we have to logarithm base 6 of the cube root of 3 , here is how we enter it into the TiNspire CX CAS:

Upon pressing ENTER we will see the pretty format and the answer:

Let’s do another example: Logarithm base 6 of 1296 :

Pressing ENTER yields the solution 4 (since 1296 = 6^4) :

Here is exponential equation involving logarithm:

This is how it is entered:

Conveniently, log base 10 and exponential base 10 function cancel to get

Now we solve this function:


Lastly, evaluate

We enter as

to get

The reason for that clean answer is using the ln rules as follows:

and lastly

We have to solve the following logarithmic equation:

Enter as

log((r+15)^2,3) = 4 and lastly

solve( log((r+15)^2,3) = 4 , r)

which solves for r using the TiNspire cx .

By hand: log_3_(r+15)^2 = 4 calls for exponentiating both sides using base 3 which yields : (r+15)^2 = 3^4 = 81
Square rooting both sides : r+15 = plus or minus 9
Thus, r = -6 or r = -24 . Plug each into the original equation to verify the correctness.

Solve 2×2 System of Equation – Step by Step – using TiNSpire CX

When solving

x-5y =6

with the TiNspire CX CAS  you can either use the Substitution or the Elimination Method.

Let us demonstrate how to use the Substitution Method using the STEP BY STEP EQUATION SOLVER first:

Now, to use the Elimination Method select option 1,8 :

Below watch the Steps  to solve the system of equations using the Elimination Method:

It always works! Always get correct solutions. And you get to select YOUR method of choice.



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▷Proof by Induction using the TiNspire CX – Step by Step

Here is how to do Proof by Induction using the TiNspire CX CAS calculator – step by step.

You first launch Algebra Made Easy and select Proof by Induction for Sums in the menu.

Then enter the sigma expression (thats the general formula of the terms to be added) in the top box and the sum-formula in the bottom box as shown below:

In Step1 (the base case) we plug in 1 into both sides of the equation. If we get a matching answer we move on to Step 2.

Now we assume that the given formula is correct for the n-th integer S(n) (really for the first n integers) and add the n+1. term to both sides of the  equation, simplify the right side and get the expected expression for S(n+1)

then proof by induction allowed is to verify the given identity. Voila!!