Tinspire CX : Finding Partial Derivatives and Gradient

Gradients and Partial Derivatives can be easily found using the Tinspire CX. Just launch the Calculus Made Easy app at www.TiNspireApps.com and select Multivariable Calculus in the menu:

Now select “Partial Derivatives and Gradient”

Enter the given Function and the given Point in the two top boxes. The answer is shown in the bottom box.

Partial Derivatives using the TiNspire Cx CAs

Finding Partial Derivatives using the TiNspire can easily be done using Calculus Made Easy at www.tinspireapps.com as follows: In the Menu select Multivariable Calculus, then select Partial Derivatives and Gradient:

Next enter the given function using x and y as variables:

The two partial derivatives are highlighted , the 2. partial derivatives are found shown below.

You do have the option to evaluate the partial derivatives by entering x0 and y0 values in the 2. box as shown below :