Step by Step TiNspire Apps – Blog

Step by Step TiNspire Apps – Blog

Solve Math & Science problems using the TiNspire CX

Physics Solver for the TINspire CX CAS available for download


GREAT NEWS: The long awaited Physics Solver for the TI-Nspire is now available at

Watch a 10 min video on its massive capabilities :

Download a trial version at

This is THE physics app to have: 3-4 semesters of Physics in this comprehensive Physics App for the TiNspire CAS CX calculator.

Solve problems in Mechanics, Forces, Motion, Kinematics, Light, Sound, Optics, Fluids, Energy, Magnetism, Electricity, Induction, Gas Laws, Heat, Potential, Work, Planets, Gravitation, Orbits, etc

Also included is the ENTIRE periodic system, specific heats, constants, and much more.