How do I do Implicit Differentiation ? And Tangent Lines?

Dear Joe

1) To do Implicit Differentiation , go to 3 Derivatives , then go to Implicit Differentation.
Now enter your equation : important is to use * whenever multiplying x and y. So write 3*x*y instead of 3xy .

Altogether: x^2 + 3*x*y +y^2 = 11 and below find its derivative.

2) To find a Tangent Line , go to Differentiation (option 3) , next select
Evaluate Derivatives; Tangent- & Normalline Enter the equation

and the x value

And the Tangent Line will show below.

Thats all ūüėČ


I am taking survey of calculus and having difficulty solving problems like the following:

Is there any way you can show me how to do these problems using your program????