Factoring Using Algebra Made Easy with the TiNspire CAS CX

Factoring expressions, functions and integers can be done easily using Algebra Made Easy on your handy TiNspire CAS CX . The bottom image shows that you enter can any expression which will be factored , you could even enter an integer such as 500 to get 4*5^3 .

Additionally , using the option 1: Algebra then option 8: Find GCD and LCM (Greatest Common Divisor and Least Common Multiple) it finds exactly that – Step by Step . For example, using integers 60 and 75 , we factor those two integers first to then use their COMMON factors for GCD and LCM .

As a side product you learn that GCD*LCM=Integer1*Integer2

Remember that you dont have to press ENTER , just observe how the answers change immediately as the input changes.