Step by Step Statistics on the Ti-Nspire : Central Limit Theorem using Statistics Made Easy

The Central Limit Theorem is fundamental in Statistics and allows drawing

conclusions about the sample distribution.

Now, using Statistics Made Easy on your TI-Nspire CX , the Central Limit Theorem can be applied easily.

Just enter the populations mean and standard deviation and the sample size and the

Sample Distribution’s Mean and Standard Deviation are computed – Step by Step



Additionally, we added a section about Survey Sampling and the 5 major types of bias involved,

a must read for any statistician performing surveys!

Perform Non-Parametric Tests such Wilcoxon, Kruskal or Signed Rank on the TI-nspire

Non Parametric Statistical Tests were just added to Statistics Made Easy package for the TiNspire at .

In particular, you can now easily perform

*Sign Tests

*Wilcoxon Signed Ranked Tests

*Kruskal Wallis Test

*Chi Square Tests

Just enter the given data and watch step by step how the p-value is computed so that you can draw your correct conclusions.

What is particular nice about using these tests , like for the parametric tests too, once you change 1 or 2 data points you can immediately see how that change influences the final conclusion. So, no reentry of all the data is needed, just a little tweak.


Step by Step Statistics app for the Ti-Nspire CX available now


Watch this Youtube Video for an overview and examples at

Shows Step by Step solutions for most Statistics and Probability topics.

  • Step by Step Confidence Intervals for mean, proportion, 2 means, 2 proportions, variance, slope, etc.
  • Compute Sample Sizes for Confidence Intervals.
  • Step by Step Tests of Significance (Z-Tests, T-Tests, ChiSquare Goodness of Fit and Independence tests, 2-sample T tests, 2 proportion Z tests, for Variance, etc)
  • Step by Step Regression.
  • Read about how Confidence Intervals behave.
  • Read about Significant Tests: Type 1 Error, Type 2 Error, Power of a Test.
  • Much easier handling than other Statistics packages: Choose to enter Data or Statistic values. Select Significant/Confidence Levels easily.
  • Distributions: compute probabilities, etc.
  • Includes Binomial, Geometric, Normal, Student-t, Exponential, Poisson, Multinomial, Hypergeometric, F-, Chi-Square and more Distributions.
  • Probability Checker for independent events, disjoint events. Also solves P(A or B)=P(A)+P(B)-P(A and B) for the unknown.
  • Regressions: Linear , Quadratic, Cubic, Quartic, Sinusoidal, Logarithmic, Exponential, Power, MedMed
  • Step by Step Derive the Coefficients for a Linear Regression Line, the Coefficient of Determination and the Correlation Coefficient.
  • Also: Z-score Solver, Random Number Generator, etc
  • 1 or 2 variable stats on mean, mode, median, standard deviation, variance, range

Step by Step Statistics App now available for the TI-Nspire CX CAS

Hi TI-Nspire users: Step by Step Statistics problem solving involving

-Statistical Analysis

-Mean, Mode, Median, Std Deviation, Variance

-Linear , Quadratic and 6 other Regressions

-Confidence Intervals

-Statistical Tests

-Normal Distribution, Binomial Distribution and 6 other Distributions

-Conditional Probability

and much more..

Free trials.

Download at :