Step by Step Algebra app for the Ti-Nspire – Watch this Video at

Step by Step Algebra App for the Ti-NSpire at It covers the ENTIRE Algebra curriculum: Algebra, Functions and their Analysis, Trig, Geometry, Complex Numbers, Matrices, Exponential/Logarithmic Functions, Probabilities, Combinatorics, Sequences, Induction, Sigma Notation, etc

  • Step by Step – Complete the Square
  • Step by Step – Partial Fractions
  • Step by Step – Complex Numbers
  • Step by Step – Powers
  • Step by Step – Roots
  • Step by Step – Synthetic Division
  • Step by Step – Radicals
  • Logarithm and Exponential Solver
  • Rewrite Logarithms into their Exponential Form and back: log_b(y)=x <–> y=b^x
  • Expand and Condense Logarithms Step by Step
  • Rule of 72, Change of Logarithm base
  • Effective Interest rates
  • Euler Number as Limit Definition.
  • Money Growth Solver

Step by Step Differential Equations app for the Ti-Spire – Watch this Video at

Great News: Step by step Differential Equations App for the TiNspire is now available for download at . It includes:

  • Step by Step Linear Diff Eqn
  • Step by Step Variation of Parameter
  • Step by Step Linear Undetermined Coefficients
  • Step by Step Separation of Variables
  • Step by Step Exact and Non-Exact Diff Eqns
  • Step by Step Laplace Transforms
  • Step by Step Wronskian
  • Step by Step Cauchy Euler Diff Eqns
  • Step by Step Numerical Solutions : Euler, Runge Kutta
  • Step by Step Homogeneous Diff Eqns. and Characteristic Polynomial
  • Step by Step Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors
  • Step by Step Logistic Growth Diff. Equation
  • and much more.


Step by Step Chemistry app now available for the TI-Nspire CX CAS

TI-Nspire users:

Step by Step Chemistry problems involving

Period Table of Elements,

Equation Balancing,


Theoretical and %-Yield

Limiting Reagent

Hess Law

Molecule Mass Analysis

Gas Laws,

Moles, Mass, Density, Volume, Weight etc

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