Step by Step TiNspire Apps – Blog

Step by Step TiNspire Apps – Blog

Solve Math & Science problems using the TiNspire CX

▷Mathematical Economics using the TiNSpire CX

You can now use the Mathematical Economics Made Easy app at   to get step by step solutions to topics such as : Terms and Definitions of Economics Definition of Economics The 3 Questions Ration Assumption Ceteris Paribus Factors of Production Opportunity Cost Productivity Production Possibilities Curve Demand Supply Demand & Supply Consumer & Production Surplus… (read more)

▷Solved: Volume of Solid of Rotation by Washer Method using the TiNspire CX

Computing the Volume of a solid of rotation using the Washer or Shell Method can easily be performed using TiNSpire’s Calculus Made Easy app as follows. After selecting the Washer Method about x-axis just enter the upper U and lower function L (dont worry in case you swap them : the answer will be correct except… (read more)

▷Compute Bond Duration using Macaulay Method with the TiNspire – Step by Step

The Macaulay duration formula is the most common way of calculating bond duration : the present value of the payments provided by a bond is divided by the market price of the bond. To compute Bond Duration (in Years) using the Macaulay method simply launch the Finance Made Easy app at  , select the Bond Duration… (read more)

▷Difference Equations – Step by Step – using the TiNSpire CX CAS : Differential Equations Made Easy

Solving Difference Equations using a TiNspire CX CAS can be done using the Differential Equations Made Easy app as shown below : Select either 1. or 2. order Difference Equations:   Say, we start with a 1. order Difference Equation, we enter the coefficients a , b and c and the initial value y(0) as… (read more)

▷Integration by Parts – Step by Step – using the Tinspire CX : Calculus Made Easy

Integration by Parts with steps is easily done using Calculus Made Easy (download : ) under the Integration tab. Enter your function as f(x) and your choices of u and v’ below. See example in image: Answer appears automatically with steps involved. Steps for Integration and Differentiation and all other Calculus topics are included… (read more)

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