Step by Step Vector Calculus app now available for the TI-Nspire CX CAS …

TI-Nspire users can now do STEP BY STEP:

Vectors: Dot Product, Cross Product, Projection, Distance, ..

Vector Derivatives: Curl, Divergence, Laplacian, Curvature, ..

Line Integrals, Greens Theorem, Surface Integrals, Stokes Theorem

Analytic Geometry: Points, Lines, Planes

Multivariable Calculus: Tangent planes, Gradients, Lagrange Method, Laplace Transform,..

Linear Algebra: Row Echolon, Eigenvalues/vectors , Gram Schmidt Procedure, ..


Motion and Vector Values Functions

Parametric Equations


and much more

More Details:

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Major Calculus Made Easy Update – for TiNspire CAS CX

Calculus Made Easy has just become even more powerful , read the specific upgrades below :

Differential Calculus :
-Find Tangent Lines parallel to given line and  Normal Lines
-Apply Rolle’s Theorem
-Apply the Intermediate Value Theorem

Integral Calculus:
-Compute Gini Coefficient (in Business Calculus Made Easy for the TiNspire CAS CX)
-Differential Equations upgrade that includes Logistic Growth
-Simpson Rule
-Integration by Partial Fraction Decomposition
-Integration by Trig Substitution
-Improper Integals

Sequences & Series:
-Power Series: Find Radius and Interval of Convergence using the Ratio Test

Multivariable Calculus:
-Perform Multiple Integrals in any possible order (2D and 3D)
-Lagrange Multiplier Method
-Chain Rule
-Hessian Matrix
-Tangent Plane
-Line Equation passing through  2 given vectors
-Plane Equation passing through  3 given vectors
-Compute Cross Products and Dot Products
-UnitVectors & Magnitude of Vectors

These updates make your TiNspire CAS CX even more powerful !
It is fun to have all the solutions readily available – Step by Step.
Remember that upgrades are free forever !

Calculus Made Easy was the ONLY reason I got an “A” grade in both Calculus 1 and 2

I am glad that you remembered me. I apologize for the length of my letter. The last time I had contacted your company was spring 2014 when I was taking the calculus classes.

By the way, your CME application was the ONLY reason I got an “A” grade in both Calculus 1 and 2 which helped propel my GPA that year from 3.14 up to 3.64.

I went on to take 2 Biology courses and 2 History courses and got 2 “A’s” and 2 “B’s” respectively and going into this fall semester my GPA is 3.58. My GPA needs to stay above 3.50 for me to maintain my membership in the “Phi Theta Kappa National Honor Society.” I have successfully taken all my required liberal art courses for my Business Administration major and Physics is the only one left. After this course I have only Business Administration course, which was not the college’s recommended way of taken course, but I wanted to get rid of all my liberal art courses so that I could truly be going to college strictly to be taking nothing but Business Administration course.


If I could get through this last liberal art course with my GPA above 3.50, I would feel like I had gotten through the hardest part of college. So at 54 years of age trying to maintain a GPA above 3.50, I need all the help I can get through the use of your Physics applications this semester. Thereafter, I will need your business applications the rest of the way until I get my bachelors degree. So from this point forward, keep my email address in your database because I will be a returning to you to purchase various business applications per semester according to the subject matter, i.e. finance, statistics, accounting, economics, etc.


Per your suggestion, I am going to purchase the Physics app after I send you this email. I got the TI nspire CX CAS a few months ago because of its larger storage capacity for installing many business apps that I anticipate needing to install in the near future. It also has a much brighter and colorful display screen which helps in visualizing a complex problem in picture form, especially in physics. If I can I may send you a few physics problems.

How do I do Implicit Differentiation ? And Tangent Lines?

Dear Joe

1) To do Implicit Differentiation , go to 3 Derivatives , then go to Implicit Differentation.
Now enter your equation : important is to use * whenever multiplying x and y. So write 3*x*y instead of 3xy .

Altogether: x^2 + 3*x*y +y^2 = 11 and below find its derivative.

2) To find a Tangent Line , go to Differentiation (option 3) , next select
Evaluate Derivatives; Tangent- & Normalline Enter the equation

and the x value

And the Tangent Line will show below.

Thats all 😉


I am taking survey of calculus and having difficulty solving problems like the following:

Is there any way you can show me how to do these problems using your program????

Step by Step Business Calculus app for the Ti-Nspire CAS CX

Business Calculus contains the same modules as Calculus Made Easy and also contains stepwise solutions to Business Calculus topics such as maximum revenue/profit, marginal analysis, demand analysis, supply analysis, economic order quantity, price elasticity, consumer surplus, and more.


Watch Biz Calculus homework done on the TINspire at