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Physics Solver for the TINspire CX CAS available for download

GREAT NEWS: The long awaited Physics Solver for the TI-Nspire is now available at Watch a 10 min video on its massive capabilities : Download a trial version at This is THE physics app to have: 3-4 semesters of Physics in this comprehensive Physics App for the TiNspire CAS CX calculator. Solve problems in… (read more)

Perform Gravimetric Analysis on the TiNspire using Chemistry Made Easy

We just added a step by step Gravimetric Analyzer under the Stoichiometry section of Chemistry Made Easy. Download: For more information on Gravimetric Analysis read at KhanaAcademy at    

Linear Algebra Made Easy is incredible & enjoyable

User feedback today: The step by step matrix operations, such as Row Echelon, Gauss Elimination etc are incredible It is very easy to use; I like the layout and on the Ti-spire since the processor is faster than the 89 it just makes it more enjoyable to use. My linear algebra professor does allow us… (read more)

NEW APP: Solve Numerical problems step by step using the TiNspire

Numerical Analysis Made Easy for the TiNspire CAS CX was just released at . Great for numerically solving Differential Equations, Taylor Series, Differentiation, Integration, Matrices, Regression, Markov Chains, Polynomials , Algebra and more.. For more details check out :

LOVE your products , great learning tool !!!

I have high regards for your product and customer service, Ive bought 4 different apps over the past year or two and Linear Algebra Made Easy being the 5th. Overall I love your products , they are a great learning tool to me. I am currently enrolled in an electrical engineering technology program. A lot… (read more)