Standard and Vertex form of a Quadratic Equation

How do you convert from Vertex to Standard Form? The Vertex Form of a Parabola is where are the Vertex Coordinates. The Standard form of a Parabola is To obtain the Standard Form from the Vertex Form we use these steps: Example: To convert we first apply the binomial formula to get Next, we distribute … Read more

Quadratic Formula Equation

What you need to know about the Quadratic Formula Equation has the 2 solutions: Sample Problem: How to Solve the Quadratic Formula Equation What are the zeros of \( 2x^2+5x-3 \) ?It means solving \(2x^2+5x-3=0 \) .The fast way to solve this equation is by factoring which means to rewrite\( 2x^2+5x-3\) as \(2(x+p)*(x+q)\)Testing \(p=-3 \) … Read more